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Why can't I mirror with Smart View on Android 11?

Due to recent updates issued by the SmartView team, some users have experienced trouble mirroring when running Android 11. 

We have found a workaround that has proven to be successful for most users. Follow the steps below to implement the workaround. 

Step 1

Open the Google Play Store > Search for Quick Settings app > Install Quick Settings app


Step 2

Launch Quick Settings > Select Multimedia


Step 3

Select Cast then select Enable tile


Step 4

Exit the Quick Settings app and swipe down from the top of the Android device. Select the menu icon. ***Please ensure to swipe down from the top of the screen to open the entire Settings menu. 


Step 5

Select Button Order


Step 6

Click and drag the Cast icon into your menu icon list. 



Step 7

Select Done at the bottom of the menu to save this change. 

Step 8

Select the Cast icon to open the Cast menu. Once your Reflector 3-enabled device appears in the Cast menu, select it to connect the device through a Cast connection.


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