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Please note that Miracast devices are currently compatible with Reflector 4 for Windows only

To connect a Windows 10 computer with Miracast, follow the instructions below.  

Step 1

Launch Reflector 4 on the computer you wish to mirror to.

Step 2

Swipe right from the right side of your screen, then select 'Project'. If you are using a mouse, click on the Action Center icon to the right of the Windows clock, in the lower right corner of the screen. 

Step 3

Choose an option that you would like to send, for example, to mirror your primary display, select 'Duplicate', to use Reflector as a separate monitor, choose the 'Extend' option. 

Step 4

Tap or click on Connect to a wireless display

Step 5

Choose the name of your Reflector-enabled computer from the list when it appears, and your computer will be mirroring to Reflector 4!

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