How do I upgrade to Reflector 4 from older versions of Reflector?

License keys from Reflector 1-3 will not register Reflector 4 as it is a brand new product release. In order to upgrade to Reflector 4, a new license key will need to be purchased at Select the Buy button to make your purchase. 

Reflector 4 is a paid upgrade because we spent many months developing the significant performance upgrades made with Reflector 4, including a redeveloped core that brings more power, greater stability, and reliability to the latest available platforms and devices. We have integrated support for the new Apple M1 Silicon hardware as well as some of the latest mobile device frames available. Reflector 4 also comes with an updated and redesigned UI that integrates more seamlessly with the latest OS updates. Support for companion applications like Reflector Director and Reflector Student can also be found in one place with the latest upgrade to Reflector 4.

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