Using Reflector Student

Reflector Student is a free companion app to Reflector Teacher. 

It has 2 main purposes: to show the screen of devices connected to Reflector Teacher on any other iOS device, and to improve connectivity to Reflector Teacher.

When mirroring an iOS device to Reflector, you can duplicate what is displayed by Reflector Teacher on to other iOS devices by using the Reflector Student app. To do this, simply connect the Reflector Student app to Reflector, and everything being displayed by Reflector Teacher will show up on your device screen! 

Reflector student also makes connecting other iOS devices easier. In the example diagram below, the faculty and student devices are connected to different network segments:

In this example, student devices can not discover or connect to Reflector Teacher on a faculty computer. Using the Quick Connect code or Camera Link options in the Reflector Student app will allow a connection to Reflector. When one device on the student network makes this connection, it shares those connection details so all other devices on the Student network can now automatically discover and mirror to Reflector Teacher.

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